MayDay for Freedom and Lives - Mondo MayDay for the Precariat 007 in Tokyo

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MayDay for Freedom and Lives - Mondo MayDay for the Precariat 007 in Tokyo

- Value everyone's right to life!
- End wage slavery! We demand decent wages for decent lives!
- We won't let society shut us out!
- War is murder. End all wars NOW!
- We will be heard on May first!

click to enlarge - Day and time: April 30th, 2007 (public holiday) opening at 12:30
- Place: The Okubo Community Center: 4F Multi-purpose Hall (the star mark in the map)
- Sponsorship: “MayDay for Freedom and Survival” Committee 2007
- Calling: All People of interest
- Contact & proposer: Freeter’s General Union
  ZIP: 160-0023, MK building 2F, 4-16-13 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  Tel: 03-3373-0180
  e-mail: paff (at)
- Meeting place expense donation: 500 Yen
- Schedule & demonstration guide
Open: 12:30 @ Okubo Community Center, multi-purpose hall (the Okubo Community Center 4F)
Start: 13:00

Fightback1: 13:00-14:00
Declarations for the MayDay rally
(Okubo Community Center 4F hal)

Fightback2: 14:30-16:00
Okubo ~ Shinjuku MayDay march
(Okubo -> Shinjuku -> Okubo)
Check the route and how to join! (route map)

Fightback3: 16:30-21:00
Precariat talk session & interchange @ Okubo Community Center 4F hall
Mediator: Karin Amamiya (author) & QT (Freeters’ General Union)
Propounder: Makoto Yuasa (NPO Moyai, director)
Shiro Yabu (magazine “VOL,” staff writer)
-D.I.Y. Food booth by Eat Resist Exist
-A party and other plans are coming!

<Disclaimer> The managers of this rally in no way condone or accept any acts of violence or vandalism.

MayDay Appeal

In truth, the most important thing is living one's life. In reality, existence is looked down upon! The reality is slave wages with extended working hours while workers’ life is being pushed to the margins. Honest employment is no longer a guarantee that one can live a sustainable life.
We should not allow any system that screens the people as the “valuable” and the “non-valuable.” The reality is that socially "unnacceptable" lifestyles are being marginalized. Illegitimate termination and employee selection are the norm with employers. If we do nothing, these problems will only become more severe!
In addition, it is important to know that there is no justification for murder. End all war in the world and within society!
The solution is the May Day protest: a day of solidarity, a day for us to fight back!

"Poverty" is viewed as merely a social problem, but in times of an expanding and unstable workforce, it becomes more and more difficult for one to be ably employed. In this case, the problem becomes overwhelmingly a political problem. The government, however, trivializes these problems as a “shortage of job opportunities” and tries to attribute the responsibility to a lack of our job skills or ambition. This lack of action by the government has led to further marginalize the workforce and alienate us from ourselves. The only people benefiting from such a system are the people with capital and means, not the common people.

The power structures want us to believe that they are doing us a favor: "Without sacrifice, there is nothing to be gained." But is sacrificing your life and liberty worth the slave-wages you are being paid? "Resistance is futile." But, in solidarity comes power. We do not need to be blamed for these unstable days with a gloomy future and do not need to wear out our minds, bodies or emotions any more.

We call upon all the people who refuse to accept this lifestyle that was not "given" to us, but rather forced upon us. We call upon all people who refuse unjust employers who divide and rule by stirring discrimination and exclusion among ourselves. We call upon all people who oppose war and all injustices to stand up for human solidarity and survival.
Join us in this day of liberation for the precariat and celebration of humanity!

March 23, 2007
“MayDay for Freedom and Survival” Committee 2007