MayDay for Freedom and Survival - Mondo MayDay for the Precariat 007

Demonstration Route

14:30-16:00 (scheduled)

Register yourself at the entrance of the multipurpose hall of Okubo Community Center (4F) by the start of the march.

Demonstration course:
The Okubo Community Center ~ At Okubo 2-13 take a right ~ (in reference to Okubo-Dori) ~ Go North to Shinjuku 1-Chome and take a left ~ (in reference to Kotakibashi-Dori) ~ At the large Shinjuku viaduct, take a left ~ (in reference to Yasukuni-Dori) ~ Shinjuku 5-Chome take a left ~ (In reference to Meiji-Dori) ~ Ookubo 2-Chome take a left ~ Ookubo 2-12 take a right ~ Okubo Community Center

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