MayDay for Freedom and Survival - Mondo MayDay for the Precariat 007

MayDay Jingle by SPRING

Welcome to the Mayday demonstration 2007. We march here to show, here is more in life than work. We don’t want to live a society, where the money in the hands of the rich determinates the quality of the life of the poor. We want that the profit of the companies is shared fair and equal among the society, which is not the case like it is.

Here is an example: why are machines created? Because they should make things easier for the humans. Easier means, that we can achieve the same or better result or product in the same time. Usually, such implementation of the machine improves the productivity or a working process. That means, that the companies are making at the same place in the same time even more profit than before. This profit is not visible any more for the employees. Why ? Because they are fired, or have to work much more to show they are still better than a machine… until they are not efficient any more and getting finally fired. In the best case, they get a dust catching job until retirement, but a new person would not be employed after the replaced employee retires. (That is one of the reasons, why we have such a high amount of unemployed people, freeters and temporary employed people among the young generation.) However, also this profit remains in the capitalistic hands.

National approaches for better working conditions are often stopped with the argument, that the labor price in other countries is cheaper and that the companies will go to these places and produce there. Sure this happens. So the local politicians try to reduce the power of unions because they are afraid of working places. Instead they go hand in hand with the companies to encourage the employees to work for less.

But what actually happens, for example, when people in Japan work for low salary and the companies move their work place for Japan again. That means the people in China are getting unemployed! So there is no advantage! It doesn’t matter where the people are unemployed! And that is the reason not to try to produce cheaper than our comrads in China or elsewhere. Instead, we also have to support our comrads in cheap labor countries to improve their living conditions, too. Our fight need to be international!

Companies take advantage from our production process. But we are not only their tools. We have opinions about how we are treated by them and how we want to maintain our life. Let us getting tighter organized, improve our quality of protest, and use our impact where we can!

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